What does ELRIM?

ELRIM does research, educates, translates, publishes, discusses, inspires and encourages


ELRIM supports studies regarding Islam and Christianity, especially at the academic level. ELRIM provides guidance, facilities and useful contacts for studies especially in the Turkish context.

Each of ELRIM’s centers has a useful theological reference library that provides support especially for studies concerning to Islam and Christianity.


ELRIM  arranges and supports Christian theological seminars  in  Turkish. ELRIM supports Islam-related small-scale studies as well, that take place in Turkey, and through exchange studies. Through its networks and co-operative partners ELRIM helps to create opportunities to study Christianity in a European and Middle Eastern context.

ELRIM organizes lectures, seminars and work-shops in its own facilities, but also offers lectures for other events.
The lectures can be held in Finnish, Swedish, German, English and Turkish.


ELRIM translates Lutheran literature into Turkish.


ELRIM itself is actively involved in publishing various materials, and also uses other publishers and publishing channels.


The research personnel, religious specialists and teachers from ELRIM can be invited to join different kinds of discussions and debates related to Islam and Christianity.

Inspiration and encouragement

The aim of ELRIM is to encourage and inspire Christians to understand Islam and encourage Muslims to understand Christianity.